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Is it just me or do the admin in the chat rooms seem to take their powers a little too seriously. I mean i understand the need for oversite in a chatroom to ensure the safety of those inside, but shouldn't it stop there and ensuring the phsyical safety of any participants in the chatroom?  Since when was it the admins job to tell the people what was funny or appropriate in a chatroom (aside from prohibiting asl or abusive languafe of course)? Who exactly made up this definition of "fun" that is being enforced in more and more chatrooms? Who are you to tell me what I can and can't joke about?  And since when were people with the power to kick or ban no longer subject to a little lighthearted ribbing?  Just because you have the power to ban people from a room doesn't mean you should and it certainly doesn't mean you can abuse that power by making fun of lower ranked members of a catroom then threatening to ban them when they follow suit and start poking fun at you.  So admins I hope you bother to listen to this the voice of a lowly chatroom member and quit sticking your heads up your collective rear quarters!
A-Voyeur Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011
I'm never an asshole in my chat. Unless, of course, being an asshole is the role that I'm requested to play at the moment. ;)
ordie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2006
That's because when admins decide to be assholes, it's ultimately their right to be so-- being there is, for you, ultimately a privilege, etc.

Anyway, come back to #PP. It was a joke. Dammit.
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